Practicing Scrum in Institute Course

AbstractScrum is one of the most popular agile methods following \textit{Manifesto for Agile Software Development}, and is a value-driven software development approach which focuses on maximizing the values of the customers. Many top software companies like, Apple, and Microsoft directly apply Scrum and other Agile methods for developing great software products. To raise the talents required by industry, teaching agile methods in university is necessary. However, with the limits of time, space, and experts in agile development, it can be difficult for students to learn the practices of agile methods in college. In this paper, we describe an experimental course in Feng Chia University that practices Scrum for term projects among five teams composed of 34 students. To the best of our knowledge the practices is the few attempts to practically apply all the factors described in Scrum framework such as sprint planning, daily scrum, review, retrospective meetings, product owner, and scrum master in institutional agile education. In this paper, the design and the process of the term projects based on Scrum are described, and the lessons learned from practicing Scrum in college are presented as discussion.

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