Easing the Burden of Program Assessment: Web-based Tool Facilitates Measuring Student Outcomes for ABET Accreditation

AbstractThe rapid pace of technology and social change necessitates a process of continuous program improvement for academic programs. ABET accredits educational programs, ensuring that these programs meet criteria such as continuous program improvement. Continuously collecting data, analysis of that data to determine what is, and is not, working, and updating programs accordingly consumes considerable faculty and administrative time. Software tools can help. This paper describes a tool developed and used by our department. This software tool: 1. Reduced the burden of measuring student outcomes for members of our department for six years, and will continue to do so in the future. 2. Received praise by members of two ABET accreditation teams who suggested marketing the software to help other programs seeking, or maintaining, ABET accreditation. 3. Is undergoing enhancements for other departments in our school. The software was developed by students over multiple offerings of six courses in our curricula. Keywords—ABET accreditation

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