What Matters Most in Online SAP-Enabled Course Learning? A System View of Determinants

AbstractThe purpose of this research is to understand the factors that impact students’ perceived learning outcomes, satisfaction, and the intention to continue using the online learning platform in ERP-enabled online courses. The factors considered are online learning platform quality, ERP system quality, information quality, instructor support, and student motivation. We selected SAP as the ERP system that students learn online via any online learning platform, such as Blackboard, for our study. We surveyed business students from four mid-sized state universities in the Unites States. The findings indicate that all factors, except instructor support, are significant determinants of learning outcomes. All factors, except information quality, are significant determinants of student satisfaction. Online learning platform quality and SAP quality are significant determinants of students’ intention to continue to take online SAP-enabled courses using the current learning platform.

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