Socialification: Social Software Elements Analysis and Design

AbstractThe goal of this paper is to initiate a ‎conversation on the undergraduate teaching of ‎social software analysis and design in applications ‎which are non-social-media specific. This course ‎covers the topics required to strategically ‎‎“socialify” organizational applications to engage ‎users in the most productive way for the ‎organization. To capture this effort, we suggest the ‎term “socialification” which means the use of social ‎software design features in non-social-media ‎applications. We provide some background and ‎course goals and learning objectives as well as a ‎course structure. We then discuss issues to consider ‎when implementing a course in social software ‎elements development. We also cover the theoretical ‎grounding related to the interdisciplinary process ‎and explain how it contributes to the design of the ‎course. ‎

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