SiMoNa: A Proof-of-concept Domain-Specific Modeling Language for IoT Infographics

AbstractThe Internet of Things (IoT)is a prominent concept in academic and technology business discourse in recent times reflecting a wider trend to connect physical objects to the Internet and to each other. This idea of connect things started in the beginning of the 2008 through RFID. But after the open hardware initiatives (as Arduino), it gained more visibility and access to experiments with sensors in the environment. The IoT is already generating an unprecedented volume of data in greater varieties and higher velocities. Making sense of such data is an emerging and significant challenge. Infographics are visual representations that provide a visual space for end users to compare and analyze data, information, and knowledge in a more efficient form than traditional forms. The nature of IoT requires a continuum modification in how end users see information to achieve such efficiency gains. Conceptualizing and implementing infographics in an IoT system can thus require significant planning and development for both data scientists, graphic designers and developers resulting in both costs in terms of time and effort. To address this problem, this paper presents SiMoNa, a domain-specific modeling language (DSML) to create, connect, interact, and build interactive infographic presentations for IoT systems efficiently based on the model-driven development (MDD) paradigm. The language and approach are validated using real-world use cases.

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