BPDIMS:A Blockchain-based Personal Data and Identity Management System

AbstractRecent scandals on the abuse of personal information from social media platforms and numerous user identity data breaches raise concerns about technical, commercial, and ethical aspects of privacy and security of user data. European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the largest changes in data privacy regulation and entails several key regulatory measures for both data controllers and data processors to empower and protect EU citizens’ privacy. In this research work, we propose a conceptual design and high-level architecture for a Blockchain-based Personal Data and Identity Management System (BPDIMS), a human-centric and GDPR-compliant personal data and identity management system based on the blockchain technology. We describe how BPDIMS’s architecture utilizes blockchain technology to provide a high-level of security, trust and transparency. We discuss how BPDIM’s human-centric approach with GDPR compliance shifts the control over personal data to the end users and empowers them better.

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