Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Turnover Intentions through an eLeadership Lens

AbstractThe basis for this research is founded on the emerging eLeadership theory and the need for retention of qualified leadership in organizations that either are required to or elect to adopt information communication technology (ICT). Development of the eLeadership theory is still in its nascent stage and thus the use of theoretical foundations it is built upon are used to measure and understand the influencing factors of an eLeader's turnover intention. The researchers in this study propose a research model of eLeader’s turnover intention and develop propositions using eLeader’s relationship with followers, transformational leadership ability, technology self-efficacy, and organizational engagement as its core constructs. Data from this research is proposed to be collected using qualified surveys and findings. This research is expected to make a significant contribution and enrich the developing body of eLeadership literature so that more empirical data is available for future researchers interested in measuring constructs related to eLeadership

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