Managing Work Systems for Complex Work via Crowdworking Platforms - How to Orchestrate the Interplay of Crowds

AbstractCompanies and other organizations have increasingly ‘discovered’ crowdsourcing as a new form how to organize their work. However, many of the platforms who manage the work system necessary to process that work focus mainly on rather simple work or work of medium complexity. Drawing on work system theory (WST) and insights from literature, in depths-case studies with 14 crowdworking platforms, a written survey among 32 platform providers and four workshops with experts from practice and research, we investigate how these crowdworking platforms can also successfully manage more complex work. Based on our analysis, we present measures to do so, classified along the core WST-elements processes and activities, participants, information, and technologies. One main measure we identified is the close gearing of external and internal crowds, fostering the advantages and mitigating the disadvantages of crowdsourcing. With our research, we aim at providing insights how to further exploit the potential of crowds.

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