Total Technology Space Map as a Digital Platform

AbstractA strand of recent studies utilized complete patent databases and classification systems to construct large network maps of patent technology classes, which might approximate the total technology space. It has been argued that such maps are useful for competitive intelligence analysis, technology road mapping, innovation decision support, and so on in the literature. In this paper, we illustrate the InnoGPS system to integrate such a map with various map-based visual analytic functions for technology navigation, positioning, neighborhood exploration, path finding and information retrieval. These analytics are either descriptive, predictive or prescriptive. During the process of developing InnoGPS, we have conceived a wide spectrum of other potential applications of the total technology space map for consumers, business, education and so on. These possibilities together with the difficulty to construct an accurate technology space representation suggest the strategic value to develop the total technology space map as a digital platform for any applications to discover, manage or represent any data, information and knowledge related to technologies, and to nurture an ecosystem of developers and users.

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