IT Governance and Its Agile Dimensions

AbstractInformation technology (IT) plays an essential role in organizational innovation adoption. As such, IT governance (ITG) is paramount in accompanying IT to allow innovation. However, the traditional concept of ITG to control the formulation and implementation of IT strategy is not fully equipped to deal with the current changes occurring in the digital age. Today’s ITG needs an agile approach that can respond to changing dynamics. Consequently, companies are relying heavily on agile strategies to secure better company performance. This paper aims to clarify how organizations can implement agile ITG. To do so, this study conducted 56 qualitative interviews with professionals from the banking industry to identify agile dimensions within the governance construct. The qualitative evaluation uncovered 46 agile governance dimensions. Moreover, these dimensions were rated by 29 experts to identify the most effective ones. This led to the identification of six structure elements, eight processes, and eight relational mechanisms.

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