Strategic alignment of IT and human resources: Testing a mediation model of e-HRM in manufacturing SMEs

AbstractWithin the manufacturing sector, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face specific challenges with regard to their strategic human resource management (SHRM) capabilities. In this context, an emerging issue for both IS and HR researchers and practitioners regards e-HRM, i.e. the deployment of strategic IT capabilities to enable the firm’s SHRM capabilities and thus improve its SHRM performance. In addressing this issue, the present paper aims to validate a research model that takes a moderation perspective of strategic alignment in relating SHRM and e-HRM capabilities to SHRM performance. To do so, a survey study of 206 manufacturing SMEs was realized. Results confirming the hypothesized relationships between the firm’s SHRM capabilities, e-HRM competencies, e-HRM infrastructure and SHRM performance thus constitute a valid basis for prediction and prescription with regards to the strategic alignment of IT resources and human resources.

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