Review Informing the Design of 3D Food Printing for People with Swallowing Disorders: Constructive, Conceptual, and Empirical Problems

AbstractThe aim of this review was to examine 3D food printing literature, its focus on problems and solutions, and its capacity for problem-solving in relation to the provision of texture-modified food for people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia). In June 2016 and 2018 the first and fourth authors searched 4 scientific databases with the key terms in 3D food printing and dysphagia to locate relevant peer reviewed journal articles for review. In total, 16 papers were included, and examined for: (a) problems, solutions, and potential for problem-solving capacity expressed in 3D food printing literature to date, and (b) applications of 3D printed foods in specific populations with swallowing disorders. Future research and development of 3D food printing technologies could consider empirical and conceptual problems, along with the multi-dimensional nature of special nutritional or swallowing needs. Taking these issues into account would facilitate the translation of findings into real-world outcomes and benefits.

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