Theory of Experiential Career Exploration Technology (TECET): Increasing cybersecurity career interest through playable case studies

AbstractThere is a large demand to fill cybersecurity jobs. To alleviate this need, it is important to generate interest in cybersecurity as a career. One way to do this is through job shadowing and internships. Using design science principles, we have built and tested a playable case study (PCS) where participants can act out a virtual internship and learn relevant cybersecurity skills. We ran a study with students in introductory university courses where they played through a simulated internship at a penetration testing company called CyberMatics. In the study we showed that a PCS format helps students 1) better understand what skills and traits are needed for, 2) more firmly decide whether to pursue, and 3) increase their confidence in their ability to succeed in a career in cybersecurity. Through this study we propose the Theory of Experiential Career Exploration Technology (TECET).

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