How does Omnichannel Integration Quality Affect Consumers’ Stickiness Intention

AbstractThe popularity of mobile devices and the advancement of modern technology have resulted in more diversified consumer shopping channels, and many retailers have consequently embraced omnichannel retailing. The core concept of omnichannel retailing is to provide consumers with a seamless experience. Using commitment–trust theory as a framework, this study examines the effects of omnichannel integration quality on consumers’ stickiness intention. Analysis of data of 194 respondents reveals that consumer trust affects relationship commitment. Consumer trust and relationship commitment have a strong influence on stickiness intention, and breadth, transparency, and process consistency directly affect trust. Contrary to our expectation, omnichannel integration quality does not affect relationship commitment. Our results show that high levels of omnichannel integration quality can increase consumer trust, which helps retailers maintain favorable customer relationships. The findings of this study provide important theoretical and practical implications for omnichannel retailing research.

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