A Novel Privacy Preserving Search Technique for Stego Data in Untrusted Cloud

AbstractWe propose the first privacy preserving search technique for stego health data in untrusted cloud in this paper. The Cloud computing is a popular technology to the healthcare providers for outsourcing health data due to flexibility and cost effectiveness. However, outsourcing health data to the cloud introduces serious privacy issues to the patient. For example, dishonest personnel of the cloud provider may disclose patient sensitive information to business organizations for some financial benefits. Using steganography, patient sensitive information is hidden within health data for privacy preservation. As a result, stego health data is generated. To the best of our knowledge, no method exists for searching a particular stego data without disclosing any information to the cloud. We propose a framework for privacy preserving search over stego health data. We systematically describe each component of the proposed framework. We conduct several experiments to evaluate the performance of the framework.

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