A Case Study Perspective to the Digital Transformation of a Hospital’s Perioperative Process

AbstractBased on a 177-month longitudinal study of a large 1,157 registered-bed academic medical center, this research examines the observed effects associated with the digital transformation of a United States hospital’s perioperative process. The observed effects are viewed through a lens of information technology (IT) impact on core capabilities and core strategy to yield a digital transformation framework that supports patient-centric improvement across the perioperative sub-processes of pre-admissions, pre-operative, intra-operative, post-operative, and central sterile supply. This case study identifies existing perioperative sub-process limitations, potential capabilities, and subsequent sub-process contextual understanding to minimize perioperative process complexity. Specific perioperative nursing documentation as electronic medical records demonstrate the utility and value of patient-centric perioperative data collected within integrated hospital information systems as an organizational resource for process management and control. The case results are discussed, including theoretical and practical implications as well as study limitations.

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