Challenges for Preventive Digital Stress Management Systems - Identifying Requirements by Conducting Qualitative Interviews

AbstractPersonal health depends on physical factors as well as on the subject’s behavior and lifestyle. Stress is the cause of numerous diseases unless it is in balance with sufficient relaxation and rest. Nowadays, continuous stress and, as a consequence, a burnout are steadily increasing, thus the need for prevention and stress management is growing too. Digital technologies allow for new methods of stress management to prevent burnout. However, the requirements for such systems remain largely unexplored. This work closes this research gap by offering a qualitative requirement survey and its analysis. For this purpose, 15 semi-structured interviews were conducted from four different perspectives (health insurance companies, care providers, private sector and users), which allowed to derive the requirements for successful digital stress management systems. These can be divided into three categories: Human Centricity, Medicine and Technology.

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