Impact of Large Distributed Solar PV Generation on Distribution Voltage Control

AbstractThe emergence of distributed generation in the low voltage distribution networks has led to new challenges in the regulation of feeder voltages. Of particular significance is the variability associated with the photovoltaic power and its impact on the operation of some of the mechanically switching voltage regulating equipment such as On-load Tap Changers (OLTCs) and switchable capacitor banks. This article attempts to study the effects of increased penetration of distributed generation, in particular photovoltaic power and a sustained load buildup on the operational activity of voltage regulators placed on a radial distribution feeder. Actual feeder load profile and high frequency solar irradiance data has been used with varying levels of PV penetration during the time period which spans an entire year. With the inclusion of some justifiable assumptions, it is concluded that the increased penetration of photo voltaic power adversely affects the operational lifetime of voltage regulating equipment.

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