Autonomous Multi-Stage Flexible OPF for Active Distribution Systems with DERs

AbstractThe variability of renewable resources creates challenges in the operation and control of power systems. One way to cope with this issue is to use the flexibility of customer resources in addition to utility resources to mitigate this variability. We present an approach that autonomously optimizes the available distributed energy resources (DERs) of the system to optimally balance generation and load and/or levelize the voltage profile. The method uses a dynamic state estimator which is continuously running on the system providing the real-time dynamic model of the system and operating condition. At user selected time intervals, the real-time model and operating condition is used to autonomously assemble a multi-stage optimal power flow in which customer energy resources are represented with their controls, allowing the use of customer flexibility to be part of the solution. Customer DERs may include photovoltaic rooftops with controllable inverters, batteries, thermostatically controlled loads, smart appliances, etc. The paper describes the autonomous formation of the Multi-Stage Flexible Optimal Power Flow and the solution of the problem, and presents sample results.

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