Study of Individual Differences in the Behavior of Mobile Technology Users in the Context of Urban Mobility

AbstractWith the accelerated process of urbanization, the Brazilian population is now 85% urban. In countries with emerging economies, the reduction in urban mobility has emerged as a major problem that affects both the economy and people's quality of life. The mobility difficulties faced in cities differ between men and women. This study uses the Individual Differences to Gender and IT (IDTGIT) theory and investigates how individual differences influence the behavior of urban mobility service technology use. The research includes qualitatively structured interviews, questionnaires, and demonstrations. The results show the influence of individual characteristics and present five profiles of women in relation to their behaviors. This study enriches theory by demonstrating a new way to analyze this phenomenon By focusing on practice, the study contributes to the information available for companies seeking to facilitate access to urban mobility services and companies related to urban transport services.

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