Exploring Semantic Interoperability in e-Government Interoperability Frameworks for intra-African collaboration: A Systematic Literature Review

AbstractWhile many African countries have called for ICT based intra-African collaboration, services, and trade, it is not known whether this call is technically feasible. For such intra-African based collaboration, semantic interoperability would be required between the national e-government systems. This paper reviewed the e-government interoperability frameworks (e-GIFs) of English and Arabic speaking African countries to identify the evidence and conflict approaches to semantic interoperability. The results suggest that only seven African countries have e-GIFs, which have mainly been adopted from the UK's e-Government Metadata Standards (eGMS) and on Dublin's Core metadata (DC). However, many of the e-GIFs, with the exception of Nigeria, have not been contextualized to the local needs. The paper, therefore, concluded that more effort needs to be placed in developing e-GIFs in Africa, with particular emphasis on semantic interoperability, if the dream of intra-African collaboration is to be achieved.

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