Crowdsourcing aimed at value innovation

AbstractWe aims relate the theories of the "Blue Ocean" and "Wisdom of the crowds" to answer: "Can crowdsourcing contribute to the generation of innovation of value?". For this purpose, information on the four businesses used by Howe (2006) to propose the term crowdsourcing: iStockphoto, Web Junk 20, InnoCentive and Amazon Mechanichal Turk - AMT was searched in literature and internet. For each business, we identified the characteristics that allow us to identify them as crowdsourcing nowadays. In this first analysis, it was concluded that, currently, the Web Junk 2J0 would not be classified as crowdsourcing. In a second analysis, we look for the attributes of these businesses capable of generating innovation of value. It was concluded that iStockphoto, Innocentive and AMT have common features that generate value innovation and can be grouped into the Reduce, Eliminate, Rise and Create matrix, according to the "Blue Ocean"

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