Influence on Intention to Adopt Green IS: Boosting Endogenous Motivations with Persuasive Systems Design

AbstractBecause pro-environmental behavior is often perceived as burdensome, encouraging sustainable habits can be a challenging task. Green IS provide additional means to instill proper sustainable manners in its users. However, even adoption of Green IS is not necessarily easy and is likely to require both motivation and persuasion. In this paper, we analyze the impact of Persuasive Systems Design on endogenous motivations linked to the attitude formation and subsequent intention to adopt Green IS. Based on the presented theoretical background, we construct a research model capturing relationships among persuasive design categories, different types of motivations, attitude and intention to adopt Green IS. Using structural equation modeling, we analyze the data collected with the survey. Findings of our study prove that the researched concepts are interrelated showing impact of computer-human dialogue support, system credibility support, and social support on extrinsic motivation and suggesting importance of enhancing Green IS with Persuasive Systems Design.

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