On the Impact of the Customer Base on the Added Value through System-Oriented Service Delivery in Industrial Maintenance

AbstractToday, during service delivery, providers allocate their delivery resources such that their own delivery-dependent costs are minimal. However, during service delivery, costs arise not only for the provider, but for the customer, too. In industrial maintenance, for example, those costs arise---depending on service delivery---due to longer equipment unavailability. The concept of system-oriented service delivery aims at minimizing the total (customer and provider) delivery-dependent costs within the service system and promises a Pareto improvement over today’s practice. Hence, added value is created. However, so far, we have no understanding of the magnitude of and factors favoring high added value through system-oriented service delivery. Consequently, this work aims at filling this gap and widening knowledge on the added value through system-oriented service delivery. We present a simulation study to elaborate on the added value in dependency of the customer base constellation in an industrial maintenance illustrative scenario.

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