Facilitating Technology Transfer by Patent Knowledge Graph

AbstractTechnologies are one of the most important driving forces of our societal development and realizing the value of technologies heavily depends on the transfer of technologies. Given the importance of technologies and technology transfer, an increasingly large amount of money has been invested to encourage technological innovation and technology transfer worldwide. However, while numerous innovative technologies are invented, most of them remain latent and un-transferred. The comprehension of technical documents and the identification of appropriate technologies for given needs are challenging problems in technology transfer due to information asymmetry and information overload problems. There is a lack of common knowledge base that can reveal the technical details of technical documents and assist with the identification of suitable technologies. To bridge this gap, this research proposes to construct knowledge graph for facilitating technology transfer. A case study is conducted to show the construction of a patent knowledge graph and to illustrate its benefit to finding relevant patents, the most common and important form of technologies.

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