Transforming Haptic Storyboards into Diagrammatic Models: The Scene2Model Tool

AbstractHaptic storyboarding tools supporting Storytelling as a Design Thinking approach, enable early exploration and validation of design alternatives regarding services, new product (features), innovative processes and disruptive business models. They do however not communicate the exact meaning and the importance of each object nor do they show relationships between them. Yet when aiming to materialize an innovative idea these aspects need to be unambiguously described. Diagrammatic models play an essential role here as they capture different aspects of the problem. When computed by means of software they also explicitly show details which in haptic storyboards users implicitly fill with their own world-understanding, thus fostering a clear and transparent representation of the problem space. In addition, diagrammatic models can be enriched by semantics and subsequently be machine-queried, -analysed and -processed. The paper at hand shows the DIGITRANS Project approach for an automated transformation of haptic storyboards into diagrammatic models and their provision in a computer-aided design environment.

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