The Role of Cross-Domain Use Cases in IoT – A Case Analysis

AbstractThe strong rise of Internet connected things contrib- utes to the big data phenomenon. Data is increasingly becoming available from various devices in large vol- ume, variety and velocity. However, many Internet of Things (IoT) applications still seem to be used to solve single problems and infrastructural elements (e.g. sen- sors or data) are not openly available for other use cases. This paper argues that a growing need for cross- domain applications is approaching within the sharing economy and other ecosystem-based business models. It investigates the current state of such cross-domain ap- plications by analyzing currently deployed IoT case studies. The analysis shows that most cases remain in the silo mentality and focus on a specific domain. Only a few cases feature some cross-domain characteristics. These are especially present in smart city cases, which engage multiple stakeholders and promote the share of resources.

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