An exploratory study for perceived advertising value in the relationship between irritation and advertising avoidance on the mobile social platforms

AbstractThis study delves deeply into advertising avoidance research and redefines the uses and gratifications theory (U&G) as divided into (a) convenience U&G, (b) content U&G, and (c) social U&G to conduct an approach to alleviate the degree of advertising avoidance on the mobile social platforms. To carefully study the forming framework of advertising avoidance, we extract the factor irritation considered to directly impact on avoidant intention induced by perceived intrusiveness and privacy concerns. As an important previous factor in advertising research, we also test the moderating effect of perceived advertising value between irritation and advertising avoidance. Findings show that ubiquity takes a negative role on mobile social platforms and tailoring also takes different roles on perceived intrusiveness and privacy concerns; unfortunately, content U&G consist of advertising informativeness and entertainment didn’t find any significant effect; in contrast with previous study, social U&G as social interaction and social integration also show some different roles but is ambiguous. However, the positive relationship of perceived intrusiveness, privacy concerns, irritation, and advertising avoidance has been confirmed again although with a pity of insignificant moderating effect of advertising value. Management issues, theoretical contributions, limitations and future study are discussed as follow.

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