Towards a Technique for Modeling New Forms of Collaborative Work Practices – The Facilitation Process Model 2.0

AbstractCollaboration Engineering (CE) is an approach for the design and deployment of repeatable collaborative work practices that can be executed by practitioners themselves without the ongoing support of external collaboration professionals. A key design activity in CE concerns modeling current and future collaborative work practices. CE researchers and practitioners have used the Facilitation Process Model (FPM) technique. However, this modeling technique suffers from a number of shortcomings to model contemporary collaborative work practices. We use a design science approach to identify the main challenges with the original FPM technique, derive requirements and design a revised modeling technique that is based on the current technique enriched by BPMN 2.0 elements. This paper contributes to the CE literature by offering a revised FPM technique that assists CE-designers to capture new forms of collaborative work practices.

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